Update for SELECTserver Online and SELECTserver Home Use

The SELECTserver Home Use update has now been completed.

SELECTserver Online is on schedule to begin updates this coming Friday 4/24 and Saturday 4/25.


The following two support solutions have been updated with the reserved IP address for SELECTserver Online:




If you have any questions or concerns please reply to this thread or post a new one in the SELECTserver and Product Activation forum.


Thank You for your patience and understanding while we upgrade SELECTserver,


The SELECT Licensing Team

  • Please note that in preparation for the upgrade this weekend, peak processing has been stopped until Saturday afternoon. So Peak Usage reports will be missing usage from Wednesday, April 22nd onward until peak processing is resumed. The raw usage data is still accessible in user-based and machine-based reports in the meantime.