Upcoming Site Maintenance

We discovered an issue with the recent modifications to our Communities/sign process.

If you try to get to anywhere on the Communities site that:

  1. requires you to sign in (i.e. access to or content within private communities)


  2. you are not signed in to Communities with your default web browser (the latter part is very important),

you will get an “Oops…” or “Access denied…” message, or will be redirected to what appears to be a sign in dialog that fails to sign you in. This only happens with the combination of not being signed in with your default web browser and trying to gain access to content within a private community -- if you are signed in to Communities with your default browser, you will not encounter this. You will also not see this when going to non-private areas of Communities.

We are working with vendor to get a resolution to this as quickly as possible. In the meantime, the workaround is:

  1. Log out of and then close ALL *.bentley.com sessions you may have open (e.g. Web browsers, Bentley Logon Client, etc.)
  2. Click on http://communities.bentley.com/ (this is important…) and that should open your default browser.
  3. Click the avatar/head looking thing in the upper right hand area of the Communities page (not the Web browser, but the Communities page)
  4. Sign in using your Bentley User Profile credentials

The most important part here is to stay signed in. If you do that and are still seeing an issue, try flushing browser cache and deleting *communities* cookies and then try the above steps again.

Then you have access to anything on the Communities site that you normally have access to. If the above steps still do not provide a solution, there could very well be something else involved -- please contact us and provide details of your situation so we can investigate to get it sorted.

We will communicate updates to this issue as they happen and apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.