Bentley no longer using "Trust" Licensing? - outrageous overage charges now!

We received an invoice today from Bentley for over $2,000 because we had 2 MicroStation overages in the first quarter. 1 overage was for a single day, the other was 5 days. Turns out it was because I had a team of people evaluating CONNECT. Most of our users are on Bentley MAP PowerView and we have a ton of those licenses, however PowerView 64 (or CONNECT PowerView) is not available at this time so they had to install MicroStation CONNECT to test our software (and CONNECT in general).

Apparently "Trust" licensing has been abandoned by Bentley. I don't recall seeing a notice about this, maybe they just decided to change the definition of "Trust". At least we could have been sent a warning on our first overage that we would be charged for an additional license for this quarter so I could deal with it.

We are working my our butts off converting 15 years of in-house MDL software to 64bit c++ and need several departments to test it. I didn't grok that this would end up costing us so much money.

This is an outrageous charge for a few minutes of testing and without any warning. To top it off - most of my CONNECT related service tickets remain unanswered, were closed without a response, or just shunted to this forum to have regular users answer them (if they can with limited/incomplete documentation). If Bentley is going to charge this much money for us to beta test their software at least they could answer my fraken support requests.

I love MicroStation but my love for SELECT is quickly beginning to wane.