Disabling or Turning off the Bentley Connection Client Sign in Dialog box.

I am trying to create a new computer image for our company. We are currently on V8i SS3 - The problem is with the new build and V8i - SS7 -, the Bentley Connection Client keeps popping up when logging into the machine not the software the machine, can this be turned off?

When it asks me to login . I tried my Bentley website login but it does not work. I don't want to have all our users to have to create a Bentley login just to get.

Please let me know thanks

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  • I absolutely agree with you. Nobody looks through and I, as the sole user, 
    have no time to log in or to control what this client is doing on my laptop.
    I work with customer data and this must not be sent to the third party.
    Who guarantees that Bentley will not have access to them?
    I have had the license since 1998 and pay something every year to stay without a license?
    In Germany, using the cloud without informing the customer is not compliant with the law!