Disabling or Turning off the Bentley Connection Client Sign in Dialog box.

I am trying to create a new computer image for our company. We are currently on V8i SS3 - The problem is with the new build and V8i - SS7 -, the Bentley Connection Client keeps popping up when logging into the machine not the software the machine, can this be turned off?

When it asks me to login . I tried my Bentley website login but it does not work. I don't want to have all our users to have to create a Bentley login just to get.

Please let me know thanks

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  • There are some links between the CONNECTION Client and the License Client, so they check to see if each are running and restart if one isn't.  If you don't want the CONNECTION Client to run, you will need to go into the Task Manager and end the License Client process. This does work as I have just done it.  The CC has functioned like this for several versions.  I am talking to the team here to look into some ways that we can honor the CC request to end while addressing some sync issues between both processes.  Thanks.