managing licenses

I'm curious as to how others are managing their Bentley product licensing. We have a situation where we only have a few seats of LEAP Steel, LEAP Concrete, Open bridge modeler, Inroads, microstation, etc... and we have many users, when at any time will need to use any of it. Bentley has decided to not allow any of us to hardcap licenses and would rather charge us for overages that we have no ability to directly manage. WE have enough licenses, just no means with which to organize the users access to them. We need to figure out a solution that keeps Bentley from sending us a quarterly bill for thousands of dollars.

  • Hi Michael,

    1. You can create Custom Activation Groups that restrict which/what products can be activated on workstations. Please see the  instructions for how to create Custom Activation Groups.

    2. Also there are some strategies for limiting the overusage.



  • Custom activation groups isn't a solution. We need to have the users access to the software from their machines (please don't recommend a remote login) we just don't want them using it without checking to see if a license is available.

    I don't understand why Bentley cant give us the ability to hardcap and benefit from open access. Why cant we get a dialog that says something like "No licenses are currently available, are you sure you wish to use this software? Overage charges will be incurred."

    right now we have no idea if we are going over until we get a bill. That's information that we should at least know or have access to. We need the ability to see how many licenses are in use at any given time. Whats the point of using software that saves time when its takes time to use it.

    right now the only option i see is to have the users check a shared calendar.

    its 2016, we shouldn't need to jump through these hoops to manage software.
  • Apparently, Bentley can't provide this functionality, but 3rd party apps can. Search on this subject, and you should be able to find links. A Google search should also turn up license management tools.
  • Thanks! We are looking into a third party solution. We were hoping Bentley would allow us to manage the licensing in some respect.
  • insert sarcasm font here <<come on Michael, can you not see the huge benefit the kind software company just provided you. This a huge benefit to you>>

    We are in the same boat and are completely outraged at the lack of restriction on this very expensive software. Why can't it work like every other piece of software we use....and we use many.

    We refuse to pay a 3rd party to address an issue that the software manufacturer should address. Our simple solution is to send out an email stating <entering Bentley product XXXXX>, to all users of the software. Our office is small enough that this has worked well but i can certainly see issues in bigger offices where this scenario would not work.