10 Minute time logging, ROLLING or STATIC?

So watched the video, read the PDF still not clear. Just looking at the forums here Bentley could be doing a better job at this. or just do what every other software vendor does and offer hard limited licenses. 

The way the video, and the PDF explain the 10 minutes usage its not 10 minutes. its any usage that crosses a 10 minute border.

That is:

Start at 1:01 and close at 1:09 Not counted.  8 minutes of use not counted

Start at 1:08 and close at 1:11 Counted. 3 minutes of use is counted since it crosses the 1:10 boundary. 

What would make sense is that the 10 minute boundary is dynamic and moves with the user, such that,

Start at 1:01 and close at 1:09 Not counted.  8 minutes of use not counted did not cross the 1:11 boundary

Start at 1:08 and close at 1:11 Not Counted. 3 minutes of use did not cross the 1:18 boundary

  • The total usage duration must be at least 10 minutes to be counted at all. Consequently, your example from 1:08 - 1:11 would not be counted even though it crossed a 10-minute boundary. A duration from 1:08 - 1:18, however, would be counted in the 1:10:00 - 1:19:59 interval since the total usage duration is at least 10 minutes. Note in my second example that the usage from 1:08:xx - 1:09:59 is not counted. This is because usage from the very first interval (i.e. 1:00:00 - 1:09:59) is rounded up to the next one unless usage was recorded in all ten minutes (i.e. product started at 1:00:xx).

  • This is not what is shown in your current documentation.


    "You must use the software at least 10 minutes and for a complete interval for your initial interval to be counted."

    This means that usage from 1:01PM to 1:19PM should NOT count as a usage. It was for more than 10 minutes but not for a complete interval. 

    I am glad we are not the only users who are needlessly bothered by this ridiculous scheme. 

  • Hi Jeremy,

    Per the "Term License Fact Sheet", "Since use for a complete 10 minute interval is required before a session is counted,the first interval is never counted." and this points to the partial interval prior to hitting the first 10-minute-marker (i.e. 1:10 in this example.)  If the "first interval" is never counted, then which "initial interval" are you referring to?  If you call the first partial interval the "initial" one, then you have a conflict in your document.  In one sentence you say that it can be counted if..., and the other sentence it says that it is never counted.

    Please also look at the statement, "You must use the software at least 10 minutes AND for a complete interval for your initial interval to be counted."  If you use the software for AT LEAST 10 minutes, then you must have passed a 10-minute-marker on the clock.  There is no way to not do 10 minutes without hitting a marker.  Therefore the "and for a complete interval" phrase does not add anything to the requirements if it refers to hitting this marker.

    Please also look at the term "complete interval".  If something is missing at the start, then it is not complete.  If something is missing at the end, then it is not complete.  The definition of complete is "having all the necessary or appropriate parts."  So if your 10 minute interval is missing any minutes, it is not complete and should not be counted.

    So, if you look at "You must use the software at least 10 minutes and for a complete interval for your initial interval to be counted." and "Since use for a complete 10 minute interval is required before a session is counted, the first interval is never counted."  The initial interval that I'm going to be charged for should be after 1) I've used the product for at least 10 minutes, and 2) I've used the product for a complete interval, from the beginning to the end.

    Again, take a look at the wording "A complete interval", "YOUR initial interval" and "ANY interval thereafter".  The "inital interval" is not "the" initial interval, it is "your" initial interval.  MY initial interval is the first interval that I am billed for. That interval should not be counted unless I use the software for at least 10 minutes, and it is a complete clock interval (from beginning to end).  After that, then each of my intervals will count, even if they are partial.

    If the document were to say that you must use the software for at least 10 minutes and you won't be billed for the time before the first 10-minute-marker, then what you are saying would make sense.  The fact is that the document says that I should not be billed if 1) I don't use the software for at least 10 minutes, AND 2) I don't use the software for a complete interval.


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  • Does anyone find this discussion ludicris and completely unheard of in the software world? My crew asks me all the time about the 10 minute interval and due to the complete bureaucratic cluster of how this 10 minutes is even counted we just wait until the next 10 minute interval has expired before another user is allowed in. This entire scenario of having unlimited licenses and putting it in the control of those that have nothing to do with the actual budgets behind the scenes we find very unnerving. Every time I explain this scenario to ANYONE they just give me a blank stare and think I am joking. Unfortunately, I am not.

    All we really want is a hard-coded way to control use.
  • We ended up purchasing Softrack Metering. Once configured it works well. However I have found a few cases where the Bentley Server is logging MORE uses than Softrack.

  • Hi Roadrunner,
    The 10 minute interval is a lot better than the hour interval. Especially with the first partial interval not being counted, you can at least ask around the office and have an idea that you're not going to incur an over-charge.

    What I do like is: 1) It is based on the number of computers running the software at any given time. This means that I can trade off between multiple computers (work, home, laptop). 2) You don't have to have an immediate internet connection to Bentley to start Microstation. I have seen too many businesses doing nothing because they have lost a connection to their license server.

    What I don't like is: 1) Lack of forgiveness. The system is nice and flexible on one side, but on the billing side it will cost you $Xxx for your 10 minute mistake. 2) Lack of clarity. Bentley has several documents that are not clear and are contradictory. Their billing policies somehow are supposed to govern over their unclear documents. If there is not an understanding, then there is no valid contract. If there is no valid contract, then you don't have to pay, regardless of what is billed. 3) Lack of information and consistency with older versions. Microstation Connect can not do a simple referencing task that we do on a regular basis. Also, to be honest, we don't care much for the new interface or performance, so we are stuck on v8i at the moment. The published information for the older versions is non-existent. What is out there and what they bill is in direct conflict with some of their documentation.

    What I would like to see: 1) Some forgiveness built in-for instance the three overages per quarter that they used to have. 2) That the pre-Connect versions would be billed in the same way that then newer software is. Perhaps they have to start charging at 11 minutes instead of 10, but that would be more consistent with all their documentation. 3) Proper documentation that clearly describes all conditions. 4) A way to warn people that they may be incurring a overcharge by opening a piece of software. 5) An option to control use, but potentially with an override if there is not a network connection at the time.


  • We definitely will not be buying another piece of software to control usage as we're too small for that. It's probably owned behind the scenes by Bentley...just a guess.

    We dont use this software by choice and ONLY use it when we have too.
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