How do I activate a license for ALL Windows users of a computer instead of just the current user?

Apparently my license can only be activated for the current Windows user only i.e. the administrator’s account. There seems to be no options to change the settings from “current user only” to “all users”. Is there any specific workaround for this? 


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    1. Any SELECTserver license settings stored in the current user profile reside at HKCU\Software\Bentley\Licensing\1.1. The following batch file can be used to clear license settings from all user profiles on the machine, leaving only the All Users profile.
    2. SELECTserver settings are stored in the All Users profile at HKLM\Software\Wow6432Node\Bentley\Licensing\1.1. All users typically have read access to this location, permitting them to activate products, assuming the site activation key contains current licenses.
    3. The activation statuses for products are user-specific, not client-specific. Consequently, activation statuses are always stored in the current user profile, whereas license settings can be inherited from the All Users profile.
    4. No, the elevation process will only update the settings stored in the All Users profile which are inherited if a user profile does not have license settings of its own. To resolve this issue, use the batch file mentioned in my first point above.

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