Is there a Bentley CONNECTION Client GPO and/or what are the Registry/File settings to control the "Preferences" in an Enterprise Windows Environment?

Is there a GPO (Group Policy Object) for the Bentley Connection Client that will allow me to set the following:


  • Skip the “Get Started” intro on first start
  • Run the CONNECTION Client on system startup
  • Automatically sign me in
  • Minimize CONNECTION Client after sign in
  • Show Desktop Notications and set the Check and Retrieve messages days.


I already push the Client setup with “BeCheckUpdateOption=3 BeCheckUpdateIsEnabled=0 /q” to remove the update check and silent install per the Wiki page but couldn’t find anything regarding the other settings.


I understand for the CONNECTION Client startup I can remove the key “MySelect.exe” under  HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run but if there isn’t a GPO how can I Enterprise wide control the other settings?


In addition, is there a way to have the CONNECTION Client exit automatically when the last Bentley product is closed since it automatically opens when the first Bentley product opens?

Thanks in advance,

Daniel J. Cau

IT Administrator

John A. Martin & Associates of Nevada