BUG REPORT: Connect License Client Adapter not working with Mstn Connect Update 10


I applied the Microstation Connection Update 10 today (v10.10.0.23) .  It is not making use of the Connect License Client (v11.0.0.120) / Connect License Client Adapter (v10.2.0.151).  When I go into the Licensing Tool and try to install it into a new Bentley product, it does not find Microstation version 10, only v8i (SS3).

This is a major bug because of two reasons:
1) The purpose of this licensing software is to prevent overages.  Right now there is no warning if we were to have an overage.  Will the Bentley billing department try to charge us for overages due to the software failure?
2) There was no indication of a failure.  I had to manually check to discover that the licensing client was not working properly. 

These bugs were previously reported with previous Microstation updates during the licensing software beta phase.  These issues should have been resolved prior to releasing this product.

--Robert Arnold

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