[ODBC Driver 1.6] License Management


I need to use the free ODBC Driver 1.6 for iModel to extract file metadata, but when i try to use it in Excel, a popup window appears, telling me to insert a valid SELECT server in my LicenseTool.

I tried to switch to evaluation mode, but unfortunately nothing changes. Is there any way to fix this ?


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  • I think  this is quite important indeed. I have been looking for this answer regarding the iModel ODBC Driver 1.6.

    This is the dialog that pops up while trying to use the iModel 1.6 ODBC Driver through MS Access and MS Excel:

    Is there any open-access ODBC Driver for iModels 1.6? Jeremy, is it much to ask if you could suggest some links regarding the connection to imodels in order to fetch business-data information?

    Many thanks for the above answer, it makes the licencing issue i was facing quite clear!

  • HI Jeremy,

    This component requires a license named "iModel ODBC Driver 1.6" which is provided free of charge on any active SELECT contract

    It's a big surprise, because i-model ODBC drivers were always been promoted as Bentley iWare, applications "for everybody", and even in the description there is no information about SELECT contract requirement.

    But I treat it as obsolete, not well supported and not maintained low quality piece of software anyway, so even when it's not for everybody, I am fine.

    With regards,


    BTW Why it's Bentley standard policy to never provide clear, using normal words (not Bentley newspeak, not understandable to anybody outside Bentley, especially not English native speakers), whether product is free (no license), licensed for free (license is provided for free), free as a part of specific service etc?