Entitlement Groups

I have learned how to make Entitlement groups and how to assign users to the group. BUT is there an upgrade coming that will allow us to assign a user to multiple EG's?


I would like to create several EG's via discipline(?) and then assign these EG's to users. For us Microstation would be the base for most users. Not all users need access to specialty products like our Visualization group. Microstation EG+ Viz EG

Our Bridge bureau would have an EG designated for them. Microstation EG + Bridge EG.

Hydraulics licenses would be a seperate EG. Microstation EG + Hydro EG

Will the Entitlement Groups be granulated out sorta like Active Directory allows for multiple groups per user?

Only being able to assign one group to a user does us no good as we have to allow all software that is or will be used to all users when in reality some of the specialty software is used by about only 5% of users. Yes, we could NOT install the software on non authorized users machines and that is how we operate today, but this would allow us to regulate the users instead of any Techs that may install without the main office consent or knowledge of the products cost.