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Hi, I work for a company that had 5 copies of Microstation. Last year we decided to take our CAD facility into 3D modelling.The technical support and advice we received was very poor. In fact so poor that we nearly switched to AutoCad. As we had been using Microstation for many years we still wanted to expand into 3D using Bentley software. We asked for a free trial of the software we wanted to purchase for 1 week. This was granted and we could see that this would work for us. We stayed with Bentley and exchanged 2 of our Microstation softwares to OpenPlant. We also purchased Context capture and Isometrics manager. A year on and our Select licences are up for renewal. We have found that although we could see the benefits of context capture it did not replace our traditional topographical survey software. We did not want to pay for an annual subscription but we did not want to lose our investment in the software. We were offered a swap to Lumen RT. We were excited to use this product as we could use it as a sales pitch to showcase our design. Unfortunately when we had the invoice for renewing our annual licences there were 2 copies of Lumen RT. I said that we would use this package infrequently and deffinately did not want to pay for two licences. I was told that we had to have 2 copies or the books would not balance. I asked if there was anything else that could be done to suit our requirements. This was the reply from Bently "Unfortunatly this is the only offering we have at the moment for your companies needs and for the Account to balance unless we Surrender some items, which as you know, will mean you losing some of your initial investment with us." We will sadly surrender the Contex capture as we cannot have one copy of LumenRT. We do feel totally let down by your company. Firstly for the total lack of technical support and now the bullying tactics employed to make us purchase licences for products we will not use. Before surrendering the licence bought last year in good faith I thought I would ask on this forum if there are any alternatives for us other than purchasing 2 copies of Lumen RT or surrendering Context Capture? Thank you

  • Hi Jacquie

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  • Jacquie

    What licenses did you buy and what are supported via Select.

    An option you have is to surrender the ones you frequently use and opt for a CSS (Cloud Subscription Service).  This is basically a rental agreement with Bentley.  You place a pot of money into an account and each time you use the software it takes a sum of money.  if you do not use it, you do not pay.

    Im not an account manager, nor am I a Bentley employee, but I do deal with a lot of users that are in a similar situation to you.  Where are you based?


  • This is just the sort of behavior that inspired the Bentley brothers to form their own company all those years ago.

    Don't know that Autodesk is any better.

    Keeping my eyes peeled for the next innovative CAD platform.

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