Reporting : Subscription Analytics Portal

This morning while reviewing the EVD reporting for the enterprise; connected user and connected product status the portal was updated with a new EAP environment known as the Subscription Analytics portal.    The tiles contained within this portal do not appear to be functioning correctly.

  • EVD Tile:  The EVD tile does not resolve.   Upon clicking the tile users are taken back to the subscription analytics portal
  • Daily Usage and other Usage Reports:    These tiles attempt to perform some authentication as they launch and display the following.    I assumed that this should be taking the credentials or token from the IMS login.   As we are using Federated accounts it is unclear what is meant to occur. 


  • Finally - there is no easy way of identifying these types of issues within the support request process as this is not a "Product" .  Can you please provide an easier way for problems like this to be reported through the support channels.
  • I am checking internally to determine why the EVD report is currently routing to the new Subscription Analytics portal which is not functioning in production just yet. All the reports on this portal will utilize your IMS logins once online.

    As for service requests about website issues, please click the Select button on the Service Request Manager tile, and select Website Assistance as shown below.

    Then make a selection in the Problem Area section. For issues with the EVD report, Online Support Tools and Other is the best fit I can find, but there are also selections for Bentley Communities or login-related issues.

  • it appears to be working ok now.  I didn't end up needing to clear the cache for it to work.   Appears to have been an intermittent problem.

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