Why do bentleys software not warned you, when you is about to upen the software on your computer when you forgotten to logout on your sleeping laptob??

I did make this (Overdo) many times but "on my knees" have to explayned my situation for Bentleys Accounting Department (who is sending me invoices several month after the situations was happend) ,,,that i am only one person in my office and did forgot to logout my laptop before did start up my Microstation on my home office computer.
Is there any solution to this problem ??,,,
I mean Adobe can do the waning and several others software too,,, I don't even think it's leagal to charge any for somthing you dont know you is about to do,,,,, Not in relation to the purchasing law here in Denmark...

I hope Bentley has the same view of their customers as the customers have of them,,,, As Bentley as a collaborative partner.
I mean the collected paymen Bentleys do to the costumors do not have to depends on how many times costumors forget to shut down a sleeping laptop. this is not fair-play !!

  • We continually get burnt by Bentley on this issue.  I have discussed this with countless Bentley reps until I am blue in the face.  No one listens.  They DON'T CARE!!  They simply want to send you a $1,600 invoice because software was inadvertently opened on another device.  It is the company Bentley has become.  I have been a user for over 20 years and the customer service is disgusting.  Good luck.

  • I got this invoices too,,,, and it really pissed me off,,, why I did not have any special overnatual way of using 2 computers at the same time,,,, I just is a bizzy Architect who they to make my costumer happy and in my hurry forgot to close my laptop/Microstation and forgot all about it when I came to my office,,,,, then 3 month after I got the little fine overdo note with a little fine invoice of exactly the same 1600$ ,,,,, I would like to know if this number is the same for other users overdo ??? 

    I do hope Bentley is read this string,,, and take action on this issue,,,,this is not what we in Denmark call "Fair Play" 

    Let us here from Bentley ,,, why is anybody not listen and give some answers on this problem??? 

  • when a computer running SES-based products is put to sleep, the licenses are released after a few minutes, and the user is warned to close and reopen products when the computer is awakened.

    How is "put to sleep" defined? I routinely will lock my desktop (with MicroStation CONNECT active) when I leave my office. When I return and re-login, I've never seen any warnings related to a Bentley product.

  • I define "put to sleep" as placing the computer in a low-power mode via Windows' sleep function as shown below:

    Locking the machine does not place the computer in a low-power mode, so products are still actively running in the background.
    Edited on January 27, 2020: Bold text was added after realizing I had omitted a word that completely changed the intended meaning of the sentence above, making it very confusing.

  • I've just returned to the office after a 3-day absence where the computer was locked and CONNECT U13 was (is) left open. After logging in, I see no kind of warning. What should I be seeing? Is this a feature that must be explicitly enabled?

  • Hi Bruce,

    The warning that you may receive is not about leaving something open.  The warning comes when someone is about to open a copy of an application that will cause an overage.  For instance, if you have two licenses for Microstation and you left your copy open for your vacation...  Your first coworker could open Microstation with no warning.  (Your company would be using 2 of 2 Microstation seats.)  When your second coworker tried to open up Microstation (seat 3 of 2), he/she would get a warning that opening Microstation would cause your company to exceed the threshold set by the administrator, and could cause an overage charge.  If you coworker acknowledged the warning and continued, then you could be charged for the overage.


  • Additionally, when a computer running SES-based products is put to sleep, the licenses are released after a few minutes, and the user is warned to close and reopen products when the computer is awakened.

    That's not how I interpreted what Jeremy wrote. He indicated the license is released, and must be re-invoked.

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