Why do bentleys software not warned you, when you is about to upen the software on your computer when you forgotten to logout on your sleeping laptob??

I did make this (Overdo) many times but "on my knees" have to explayned my situation for Bentleys Accounting Department (who is sending me invoices several month after the situations was happend) ,,,that i am only one person in my office and did forgot to logout my laptop before did start up my Microstation on my home office computer.
Is there any solution to this problem ??,,,
I mean Adobe can do the waning and several others software too,,, I don't even think it's leagal to charge any for somthing you dont know you is about to do,,,,, Not in relation to the purchasing law here in Denmark...

I hope Bentley has the same view of their customers as the customers have of them,,,, As Bentley as a collaborative partner.
I mean the collected paymen Bentleys do to the costumors do not have to depends on how many times costumors forget to shut down a sleeping laptop. this is not fair-play !!

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  • Hi,

    I have to say, "thank you" to and to Bentley.

    I have ran a test with my laptop.  I opened Microstation on 1/31/2020 at 1:51pm (Pacific Time), waited a bit, and then closed the lid on my laptop.  The laptop was hibernating (unplugged from the power, no network, etc.) for the weekend.  On 2/3/2020 opened the lid on my laptop, let it "resume", and clicked in Microstation.  After waiting in excess of 10 minutes, at 12:06pm I closed Microstation. 

    Today I seen that the Bentley logs show the usage before and after the "sleep", but the sleep time was not counted against the usage.  Thanks!.