MicroStation over usage?

We have received an invoice from Bentley for over usage. Having just checked this it appears that Bentley have reported usage by pc's that don't have MicroStation installed and are just been used (when working from home) to access their work pc via VPN/RDP.

I have asked our Account Manager why this has happened but would like to know if any one else has seen this. 

Bentley - Why is this happening and how do I get the invoice rescinded?

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  • If you connect using RDP then remote desktop computer name is used when running Microstation on target machine. At least it was problem for pre-SS10 v8i programs. It is "feature" of RDP which breaks Bentley XM licensing scheme. So it shows that home-user machines has used Micrrostation even if not installed on their machines. Not sure how you get overusage as then you need leave it open on target machine after disconnect and even then 10min counter interval and "free" first 10mins which are not counted should prevent generationg of overusage. I had this issue when trying to activate server license where only RDP connection is available and then only option was to set licence cmd as scheduled task so it checks out I am not connected.

    You can check it out. Access computer using RDP and then run CMD and type "set CLIENTNAME" it will show computer name from which you are accessing.

    Which MicroStation version are they using?