MicroStation over usage?

We have received an invoice from Bentley for over usage. Having just checked this it appears that Bentley have reported usage by pc's that don't have MicroStation installed and are just been used (when working from home) to access their work pc via VPN/RDP.

I have asked our Account Manager why this has happened but would like to know if any one else has seen this. 

Bentley - Why is this happening and how do I get the invoice rescinded?

  • All, my firm had the same issue at the beginning of the 1st Qtr. The new connect client only records usage of SS10 and above. We had a local SS supporting our v8(2004) clients.  When reviewing the license usage through the Connect portal. The v8 license usage would only state "deployed" with no user or machine info.  As the users started using the new v8i workspace and the old v8 workspace to keep production moving.  Overages started to show up.

    To correct the overage issue.  The local SS was shut down and the clients were reconfigured to point at the "selectserver.bentley.com" license server.  Now the when reviewing license usage on the Connect portal you see both v8 & v8i usage for the same client with no overages.

    Steven W.

    CAD Manager

    MPS Engineering Inc


  • We have the same issue with Watercad.  We login to a computer with WaterCad in our conference room using Remote Desktop Connection.  We start WaterCad and then we get hit with excessive usage (we only have 1  license).  Like all Bentley polices, this makes no sense  We are using Watercad on 1 CPU, 1 license, not 2.  

  • Hi,

    The issue with Microsoft's Remote Desktop Connection is that it signs in as a new user.  If you were to use a different remote control software, you can control the computer as if you were sitting at the desk.  That means there is only one user logged in, and only one charge from Bentley.


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  • What other remote control software do you recommend that would fix our issue?

    In addition, when using the RDC connection it does not activate our Excessive Usage alert that we have setup to avoid this very issue.  Again, very bad policy/software structure.

  • Hi Mike,

    Some of the possible products would be TightTNC, UltraTNC, GoToMyPC, TeamViewer, etc.  You can do an internet search for "remote desktop control" to get all sorts of software--from free to expensive.  I have not found the perfect choice, so if anyone else has information...

    Basically, Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection signs into the computer as a new user.  This stems from the Microsoft idea of a business server with a dumb terminal, where everyone checks into the server to get their personal settings.  Most of the other remote desktop software essentially sends mouse and keyboard instructions to the remote computer and gets back the picture that is on the screen.  In other words, it's almost like using a long extension chord for your keyboard, mouse, and monitor--just over the network.  The remote computer sees you as if your were sitting right there.


  • Thanks for trying to help Robert but this really does us no good if we don't know which one will work with Bentleys convoluted polices and we're not going to try and hope they work within the confusing realm of Bentley polices.