Non-Select License.

I am told that Non-Select Licence is version and Machine specific. I have 2 questions.

1. Can I install the software on 2 or more  machines with the same version of software.

2. From Where  to download  the  same version of software on another machine after a period of time when old versions are superceded by new version.

  • If you have one license, you can run the program on one computer. You can install the program wherever you like, but it will only run on the computer that has the license. You may be able to find some third-party license management software that will let you "share" the license between computers, but it will still only be valid for one computer at a time.

    I don't know how those things work, and I know that Bentley doesn't offer anything beyond their own licensing management.

    A very long time ago, we had the little piece of hardware that was coded with the license - it had to be plugged into the computer in order for the software to run. We all had MicroStation loaded on our machines, but we could only run it if we had the dongle attached.

    If you have a SELECT support contract, someone at your organization will be authorized to download updated software from the Bentley Fulfillment center. If you do not have a support contract...I don't think you can just download upgrades. That would be a question for whomever manages the software at your organization, or they can contact their Bentley Account Representative for more information.


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  • Thank you for your reply. It answered my questions very well.

  • This year, I decided to cancel my Select Subscription for my Perpetual License, too expensive for unused services other than  updates.  So I "assumed" I could just further use the last updated version of Microstation Connect Edition (v10.15.00.74), as a Non-Select user in a "node-lock" local configuration on my laptop. 

    In a reply to a service ticket, I was told that I was not allowed to used my Perpetual License without a Subscription Contract (shocker #1!)- if that's true and stated somewhere in the fine print of the EULA, than the sales term "perpetual license" borders on false advertising.  

    Secondly, I was told that I need to check-out my license to the local workstation (as expected...the fixed-node mode).  Yet, in the License Manager tool, the license check-out has an expiration date limited to roughly two months in the future, i.e. permanently checking out the current version doesn't seem possible (shocker #2).  I've issued another ticket concerning this.....

    Any help/thoughts on this issue would be greatly appreciated, thanks.


  • Hi,

    My information is from previous versions.  You need a node-locked license, which is different than a checked-out license.  The node-lock license for a perpetual license should not have an expiration date. 


  • Thanks for the reply, Robert.

    I'm dealing with the newer Connect Edition (I assumed since the original post was from 2020 that the version being discussed was the latest).

    In attempting a different route, I used the online Entitlement/License Management app.  There I can check-out my license for up to a year from checking it out - it creates a local license file which then ...I'm assuming...quasi turns  the license into a node-locked application, yet limited by a built-in expiration date.

    In the above reply from the Bentley consultant, I was told that I have to check out my license permanently to my local computer, which sounds more or less like a node-locked modus.  My new ticket focuses on how one "permanently" transfers the license to my local computer.  Have yet to receive a reply.

    Since I still have an active Select subscription, I might test the  24/7 support hotline .... for the first time since my ca. 3 years of subscription - a belated bang-for-my-buck attempt.