[Licensing] False usage logged for restricted products

Is the global issue with false 0:00min usage logged for blocked products resolved?

At least autogenerated QTL invoices by supergreedy robot are cancelled case-by-case but can't get clear answer from support if it will not happen again.

I will explain the background. So for example user does portfolio balancing and exchanges Microstation to Powerdraft, to not accidentally use Microstation it is restricted in "Entitlement / License Management" by administrator but even that it is restricted then trying to run Microstation instead of Powerdraft it shows alert(as expected) that there is no access to Microstation and still generates zero minutes false QTL usage(unexpected) of this product. No Alert is logged in such case and it is expected as for blocked products only answer is OK there is no option to Acknowledge/Cancel. Dealing with this case-by-case is tiresome experience for both.