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License activation

We are having issues with license activation. The license says it has not been activated. We have sent logs but the next day we have same issue.

This came from the log file

15168: 33 [2021-04-05 09:37:30.447 ~2090] Trace:InitializeShardList:
Searching 'C:\Users\xxxxxxx\AppData\Local\Bentley\Licensing\' for
transmittable DB log shards...
15168: 34 [2021-04-05 09:37:30.447 ~2090] Trace:InitializeShardList:
Skipping DB log shard 'LicUsageLog.xxxxx.xxxxxx.xxxxxxxxx.1.4.db' - failed
to open shard with exclusive write access

please let me know what my next steps should be. 

Thank you

Kurt Dibble