Using OpenCities Map Advanced on offline machine

Hello everyone, I have 1 question about OpenCities Map Advanced usage (or more, CONNECT products in general that use the new licencing style with CONNECTION client).

How is it with these products when I want to install them/use them on machines with no access to the internet? I know, that for installers, you can create a deployment image. But what about the usage? Every time you startup the application, it asks you to login into the CONNECTION client, and if you skip this step, it shows you that you have limited time of usage (7 days). Thats when i found out about this: and reserving a licence.

However, there is a problem, because it says that you MUST log in first time when using OpenCities Map Advanced. What happens, if we want to use this product on machines without internet access (basically without the first succesful login). Where do we get these licence files?  Is it needed to log in on different computer and then export licence file from there to this offline computer, or is there a different way? 

Will this offline machine consume our licence usage all the time? So that it will decrease the convered quantity of license by 1, no matter if the OpenCities Map is running or not?

Thanks for your answers.

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