how can I transfer a permanent Microstation license to a new computer

how can I transfer a permanent Microstation license to a new computer ?

Microstation V8i Ver Purchased Nov 2017

  • Please perform the following steps on the old computer:

    1. Open MicroStation, and open a model.
    2. Select License Management from the Utilities menu.
    3. In the License Management Tool that appears, check in the license for MicroStation using the following instructions, specifically the "Check In" section at the bottom.
    4. Select Options from the Tools menu, and note the Site Activation Key value. It will be needed on the new computer.

    On the new computer, please perform the following steps:

    1. Open MicroStation.
    2. If an activation dialog appears, click the Activation button, and proceed through the Product Activation Wizard using the following guide, specifically the section titled "Users With Internet Connectivity."
    3. During the activation process, enter the Site Activation Key retrieved from the old computer when prompted.

  • Thankyou Jeremy , very helpful.   I have what may seem a silly question. You outline the steps to take on the “new”computer ……
                   Open Microstation
    How exactly does Microstation appear on my new computer ?
    By downloading from Bentley , or copying from my old computer ?
    My Microstation version is 4 years old ……..
    Thanks in advance.
    Peter Rafter
  • Hi Peter

    If you had not saved a copy of the installation EXE you previously downloaded for MicroStation V8i ( this would not be available on the Software Download page due to discontinued support. Also, if you are no longer a SELECT customer you would not be able to access this page for downloads. I would suggest raising a new Service Request for this Archived version and Technical Support can provide another method for download.

    We would suggest that due to discontinued support for this older version you should be considering upgrading to either the latest release of MicroStation CONNECT Edition or at the very least MicroStation V8i (SELECTseries 10)

    Desktop Applications Support Policy

    Andrew Bell
    Technical Support
    Bentley Systems

  • Hi Andrew

    I have a new computer so am transfering my node locked non select license. I can check in the licence on the old computer and it appears in the product list on the new computer. It can be selected and the Check In button highlights. All the information is the same as on the old computer but I get the message "No license found on the server". However I can check in the licence back on the old computer OK. Suggestions please.

    trivia: I've been using Ustn since the IGDS days with Intergraph