Powerdrafting Educator License issues

I am a volunteer mentor for a High School Robotics program (www.bestrobotics.org)  I use Microstation at work (AT&T) and have for 20+ years so I'm very familiar with it.  Powerdrafting (PD) is an excellent 2D CAD program for the kids to use and for me to teach.  Originally PD was simply free to download.  Then Bentley tightend it up some but I was able to have each student go through the registration process and get the download going.  They keep changing the process.

This year, now that COVID is less out of control, we are back to teaching robotics.  I went to set some new students up and my old links and process don't work.  I presume they got hit with your new ID system.    My connection client still works and still lets me use PD.  But for new students, they get the Educator page where it's asking them to provide a copy of their student ID or .edu Email.  As Middle and High school (6th - 12th graders), they have neither.  Our schools don't issue IDs to High School students.

All the personnel I have worked with at Bentley in the past now have disconnected numbers.  I've been trying for several days and I've yet to get a human being at Bentley on the phone.  Well, once I got an operator who promptly put be back into the voice prompt system and a dead end.

Is there anyone at Bentley who could give me a call or email and help me get this resolved?

Scott  scott@techht.com; scott.horton@bestinc.org

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