EULA - MicroStation Automated Use and ProjectWise


I would like to ask which is the current situation regarding the topic of automating MicroStation. I read this post of EULA - No Automated Use, but it is 12 years old.

  1. Does the EULA still prohibits the use of MicroStation desktop in a "service" style approach?

  2. Is it there plans to change the EULA in the future to allow the use of MicroStation Automated?

Additional, I had read that it should be possible to use ProjectWise.

        3.  Does the EULA of ProjectWise allow us to run MicroStation in a service style a approach?

        4.  Can we setup ProjectWise to (a) open a template in MicroStation (b) run a MicroStation Add-In to modify the template (c) Submit the new documents to the respective position?

Our goal is to develop a product which would do the following steps:

  • A webpage receives input from an User.
  • The information is send to a server
  • In the server
    • Open a template in Microstation
    • Execute a Microstation Add-In to modify the template according to the webpage information.
    • Save the file with new name
  • Send the user the new file.

I would be very grateful if someone could help me with this topic.

// Raul

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