What is going on with the Connection Client? Is there a conflict with a recent Windows10 update or what?

We have been facing major problems with Connection Client recently. The client application won't start properly. It will launch up to 50 instances and reserves 100% of the  CPU resources.

Furthermore, Microstation, which is our main design tool does not work either because Connection Client doesn't allow it to launch. This problem has occured in five workstations so far. We have 20 workstations running Microstation and this kind of faulty program will cause some serious trouble if it will hang all workstations...

Removing and re-installing Connection Client & Bentley apps didn't help. I managed to get one computer up and running by re-installing the Win 10 OS and all applications but it would be a total nightmare to re-install every single computer.

Is there some solution for fixing the problem?


Yrjö Ala-Heikkilä