SELECTserver User Registration

I have a client that recently upgraded SELECT Server from XM to V8i. Some users are now seeing  the user registration scrren once a day. Some are getting the browser, but it never connects to a page and eventually times out. The user has to wait for the time out to occur.

We are using the config var at SITE level to bypass the registration. It used to work very well, but now, not so much.

The SELECT Server help says that users are not required to register, but there are benefits associated with registration bla bla bla. If users are not required to register, how can we stop the reg screen from opening every day? There is the Bulk Registration option, but we don't want to have to deal with this every time there is a new user on the system.

So, can we bypass registration for all users? Do we have to use the bulk reg? Why does Bentley need info about every user at every client site? Is it not enough to have the usage reported?

  • Hi Steve,

    All Bentley products, like most in the software industry, do prompt the end user to register the product. As you know, there is an option within SELECTserver to bulk register users. I understand you are in a position where using bulk register is not a viable option. The "good news" for you is the registration will only present itself 4 times, until it gets the "hint" an end user does not want to register. The corporate decision of four opportunities to register gives the end user ample opportunity to register without interfering with their work. If the end user desires not to register they may simply dismiss the screen and continue on with their work.


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  • Thanks Steve,

     I do understand the desire to have users register; we sell apps as well. Most of the industry would present the user with clear choices though, like: Remind Me Later, Don't Ask Again, etc. The help file says that a 'modest' number of attempts will be made, not 4. The end user really doesn't know what to expect. We can live with 4 attempts, as long as the users are aware. I don't think the counter is working for users who never see the reg screen, only a blank browser that eventually times out. To my knowledge, these users get the browser once each and every day. I'll confirm that with the client and open a ticket if we need to.



  • Figured I would throw another Steve into the mix. We stil have users that get the browser window 6 months after we migrated to It is a real pain but sometimes using software is painful. Production be damned. If you find something out with your ticket, please let us know. With our ELS you would think we wouldn't need to register....
  • Steve and Steve,

    If you are seeing prolonged prompting for user registration (~6 months), then something is wrong or broken.  If you are able, can you send me an example from the HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Bentley\Support section of the Windows registry?  Don't post it here, but you can send it to and I will have Chuck take a look at it.


  • Hi Tom

    I have been experiencing the same problems as indicated in the thread. It was only a couple of weeks ago that someone finally got the user registration screen. I have looked at the registry for my machine and the registry key that you are indicating is not there. 

    I have a lot of very disgruntled users when this happens as they get locked out of Microstation for extended periods of time.