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After Bentley having changed the download webpage it  has become almost impossible to download software with Firefox and Opera anymore. In fact Bentleys download page is the only one I remember in the last couple of months to show such behaviour. I have sent a feedback to Bentley's webmaster, and got this feedback today. 

Please tell me that this is a joke...

 You've got one week to fix it before I'm going to make a big thing out of that. This is ridiculous! 

P.S.: Your website won't run on Internet Explorer V8 anymore, btw. 

Hello Andreas Zieritz:
This is the solution for the Service Ticket listed below that you submitted on behalf of Node Rådgivende Ingeniører AS.
ST Description: Feedback: Err
Product: SelectServices
Keyword: General

Our website is made to run on Internet Explorer and not Firefox.

Andrea Madden
Technical Support Group
Bentley Systems Inc.
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