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I am trying to automate the installation and license activation of Bentley products and need to know what the registry structure is on a windows 7 device under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \Software\Policies\Bentley\Licensing.

According to the SELECTserver and Product Activation wiki page, this is the first location searched, but we aren't using group policies to push license information, so I want to modify the registry by creating the necessary keys. Can someone tell me what is required for windows 7 to create a complete set of keys/value to do this?




  • This is not the best method to accomplish this.  Do to the complexity of the registry, and where we store settings based on the users rights (admin or not) and UAC and  what operating system your running on and whether or not that OS is 32 bit or 64 bit makes this impractical to support.    Group policies are the industry standard for this type of thing, mass deployments is the reason why Microsoft created them and is why we chose to implement support for them.  Delivered with SELECTServer is a Group Policy template ADM called BentleyLicensing.adm. This will give administrators the ability to apply the SELECTServer settings to the desired objects.  

    Additionally in order to appease those that won’t embrace Microsoft’s group policies, we developed the LicenseToolCmd.exe which is a command line executable that allows for the scripting of the SELECTserver settings.  The script can either be a part of the user’s login script that is executed every time they login or run once when the machine is configured.

    To populate the server name and activation key for the SELECTserver license, you can run a script to set this. After the installation, there will be a file called Licensetoolcmd.exe in the program's installation folder. Your script should use the following syntax:

    ...\Licensetoolcmd.exe configure /setting:selectserver /

    …\Licensetoolcmd.exe configure /setting:activationkey /value:ABCDEFGHIJKL1234567890

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