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Silently Activate GEOPAK Civil Engineering Suite

We're having an issue getting GEOPAK to silently activate against our local SELECTserver install. Here's the details:




Clients: Win7x64

We're using the LicenseCmdTool at the end of our MicroStation/GEOPAK SCCM push to set the license server information. In addition to that we're using the Bentley licensing GPO to set the same information via AD. MicroStation itself will activate silently against our local server and our users never see an activation wizard/dialog for this.

The issue we run into is that GEOPAK does not silently activate. When GEOPAK is activated in MicroStation it says "An installed CIVIL product is unlicensed and will start in 15 minute demo mode."  If the user runs the License Management Tool from the Utilities menu GEOPAK shows it's in 30 day trial mode. The users can activate against our local server without issues. The click "GEOPAK" in the License Management utility, they click the "Activate" button, and a few seconds later GEOPAK is activated.

This does not sound like a big issue but we have hundreds of users on a couple hundred machines. In addition to that we are using redirected Windows profiles so a user's registry/AppData do not follow them around. On top of that each user is not assigned a computer and usually uses a different computer each day. Each user will have to activate GEOPAK each time they want to use it every time they login which is far from an ideal situation.

Are there any silent means of activating GEOPAK against our local SELECTserver so we can avoid this issue?

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