Activation on New PC - Wrong Server

We have a locally hosted license - XM version due to versioning issues.

We recently had to lease some additional products which apparently requires a Bentley hosted license. In the past, I have been unable to reset a server to allow a Bentley server license to be used on a PC that one time was looking at our server. Out IT guys claim we have no security settings that should prevent redefining a license server, but it has never worked.

So yesterday, I am setting up my new Windows 8 PC - which is a trip, BTW. So this PC has never seen or heard of our license server. I follow the install directions and then run the activation tool using the information provided by Bentley. It seems to work, but when I run the license tool from inside Power InRoads, it shows our server and a license in 30 day trial mode.

Since we are leasing a product that we do not have in our permanent license pool, how do I get this to work. I have logged a TR but my account guy, who is the one making us lease these seats told me to post here. So I am covering all my bases because if I'm paying for a lease I was to use it.

We have a contract with a DOT that has Bentley host the licenses for the contract and could not get that working which meant we were using one of our licenses instead of the DOT license. That is still going on so if I get this working I should be able to then get that working.