SELECT Server will expire..


I have a locally deployed SELECT Server (series-2). We are using STAAD Pro V8i PERPETUAL license through this SELECT Server. My SELECT subscription expired on 1st Jan '14 and we have not yet renew the same. Few days back I got message that my SELECT server will expire on 3/1/2014.

My question is that science our license type is PERPETUAL license, SELECT Server should not expire. Is anyone can help me out why I'm getting this message?

  • Your license is perpetual, the activation of the SELECTserver is depending on your SELECT contract.

    If the contract has not been renewed then it is normal that the SELECTserver stop serving licenses, indeed SELECTserver gives you an extra 60 days after the end of the contract in case you need extra time to renew it.

    You need to contact urgently your Bentley sales representative to clarify the situation and get the licenses activated for next week.