Microstation licenses and checkout issues

Why are Bentley products so backwards from any other software when it comes to licensing.  With ESRI products 1 license = 1 user at a time that can use the product.  AutoCAD - 1 license = 1 user at a time that can use the product. Microstation 1 user = unlimited amount of users can use the product......and then you get billed for going over your license limit.  Heck of a deal for Bentley. 

Can't they make a USB toggle like Trimble uses for trimble business center?  Heck, I remember software I was using 15 years ago that had better licensing features....features that PROTECT the USER.

  • Bentley backwards ? Hardly.....Consider this- an entity with 200 installs of Microstation but many are part time users. Seldom are more than 60 using Microstation at a time therefore only 60 licenses are required. Using your recommendations 200 licenses are required. This scenerio is not uncommon for DOT's although the numbers vary . This also allows a user to checkout a license for a laptop to go into the field without purchasing another license or having to purchase a hardware lock.  Backwards ? Hardly....

  • That's a good one.." seldom are more than 60 using MS at a time"  Guess what happens when you use more than your allotted licenses.  You get penalized and they send you a nice bill.

    From a business perspective wouldn't you want to know if you were actually using 70 licenses instead of the 60 you purchased?  Or would you rather just use however many is needed and pay tens or hundreds of thousands of usage fees at the end of the quarter?

    Completely backwards licensing from any other software out there!