Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2

Currently my company is using the SELECTserver XM Edition Products on a Microsoft Windows Server 2003 edition. The 2003 edition will no longer be supported by Microsoft in 2015.

My question is will the SELECTserver XM Edition products work on a Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2 edition?

  • Please check the Installation Requirements section in the SELECTserver manual included with your installation of SELECTserver. I believe SELECTserver XM (version 08.09.xx.xx) was released before Windows Server 2008; so this operating system would not be supported.

    That being said, Bentley recommends upgrading to the latest version of SELECTserver which is supported under Windows Server 2008. The following support solution provides upgrade instructions. As an alternative, Bentley can host your licenses for you via SELECTserver OnLine, eliminating the need for a license server altogether.

    Answer Verified By: Mike