Open Access- a bad option

The Open Access program is Bentley's way of mandating and dictating customers how to govern their use of licenses and software expenditures.  Opting into this will:

1. Prevent you from adhering to your budgets with unexpected overage costs

2. Take away customers governance and now Bentley will dictate to you how to run your licensing and software expenditures

Its a bad deal and an example of arrogance I have not seen in a long time by a software vendor.

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  • Whenever I mention this software setup to my colleagues, and I mention it every chance I get, they think I am joking. They ask how we manage it.  I say very carefully and with a TON of extra wasted time and effort.  If you gave us a way to monitor/lock out in real time based on # of licenses (like every other software manufacturer) you wouldn't be hearing these comments.