Bentley Licensing SCAM - beware

So, It appears to me that Bentley has changed it's licensing system from helpful to a scam. 

About 3 months ago I was contacted by an "account representative" that told me that I had several occasions where I was over the number of licenses that I had purchased, which wasn't possible....since I am a 5 person firm with only THREE users, and have THREE licenses of Microstation, I was told by this "Account representative" that I needed to sign up for a different licensing agreement or I would be assigned the more expensive one without it being my choice. So I did...I agreed to "Select open access"...this was suppose to be the best solution to me according to this account rep.

This week I got a "WARNING" that I would be recieving a punitive invoice for OVER USE of my agreed license unless I purchased another copy of microstation, and was sent a spreadsheet that showed 4 days over the past 3 months that there were 4 uses of Microstation.....the impending invoice is $5000. 

The best part is that the FORTH license is being reported from a computer that is only used by a remote person to remote desktop into to connect to our server, not a forth employee.

I have asked this "Account representative" to give me his supervisors information and so far he has refused.

  • Hello gatkins94.

    I have informed your account representative and his supervisor. They will be in touch with you early next week to discuss the matter.

    Thank you for your patience.


    Answer Verified By: Tyler Q - Bentley 

  • Thank you Tyler, I couldn't get the account rep to provide me with his supervisors information and felt this may be the next step. I have been a Microstation user for over 30 years, and I have NEVER felt like the system was set up to be punitive, but I can assure you the emails that I have recieved would be percieved by any user on here that's not the case anymore, and I certainly hope this isn't the new Bentley model.

  • Unknown said:

    and was sent a spreadsheet that showed 4 days over the past 3 months that there were 4 uses of Microstation.....the impending invoice is $5000. 

    I remembered that by Bentley Policy, it will not charge you if there's only 4 days to be 4 users within 3 months. Bentley's licensing policy allows you to over use in a short period. For long term over use, Bentley will charge you.

  • according to the account rep....that has changed. I have a spreadsheet that shows it....AND...we don't have but THREE users here, it's almost got to be a glitch in the server licensing that is reporting that, we don't have 4 people that would be on Microstation at one time, and to be getting PUNITIVE invoices is totally different than what they have always been. I will continue to report what they do to address this.

    I'm not a novice user that doesn't understand the system either...

  • We let Bentley host our licenses, so it's their own reporting feature that they claim is showing a forth hit, and I will say this again......4 days in 3 months. The Account rep stated which computers were the culprit, and one is a computer that is set up for a remote user to connect into from a separate location, it's never used as a workstation. I'm guessing that I got on that computer to fix an issue, or load a new version of Microstation, and THAT'S where the reading happens, but if they think I'm going to buy an additional $5000 license because of that, they're wrong.