CONNECTION Client settings not honoured

Hi All,

One of our users has to login manually every time he (re)starts his machine. When checking CONNECTION Client's Preferences we can see the following;

Why are the settings not being honoured? Is there maybe something else that we need to check? Does anybody else have experienced this issue before?

Thanks in advance.

  • To rule out a problem with the database file which stores your preferences, please perform the following steps to force the creation of a new one:

    1. Open the system tray in the task bar next to the system clock, right-click on the CONNECTION Client icon, and select Exit as shown in the screenshot below.
    2. Open the Windows Start menu, and execute the following command:
    3. Delete the MySELECT.db file located there.
    4. Open the CONNECTION Client, sign in, and configure preferences as desired.
    5. Restart the computer, and note whether the problem returns.

    Answer Verified By: Nasir Ghani