Uninstall Bentley Connection Client impossible?


I recently installed Bentley View v8i, so that i could view some customer files. To do this I signed up for a Bentley account as I don't have any Bentley products or subscriptions (nor do i need any).  However after installation i now have an extremely invasive pop up every time i restart my machine, asking me to sign into Bentley Connection Client. I want to uninstall this as I don't need it, yet every time i try it fails.  Reading the forums seems to suggest I should sign in, but I don't have access, and am being told to contact my administrator (which as I said above, I don't have as I don't have any software).  Can anybody help me as to how to uninstall this stuff?  I'm a bit flummoxed and a bit concerned that i cant get rid of it. I have looked through the forums but can't find anything to help me, so apologies if this has already been asked and answered - please feel free to point me to that if so.  If the answer is to just uninstall everything from Bentley, then please advise, I am coming round to the idea that would work for me.