How to deny ability of users to publish anything to Bentley Cloud

We wish only to utilize CONNECT Licensing. However, once a user has signed into CONNECT Licensing, it seems that also opens up access to create Assets and Projects, and enables the use of ProjectWise ContextShare. We wish to prevent our users from creating and/or putting "in the cloud" (either on purpose or accidentally). How would we configure this?

  • Hello,

    As long as a user doesn't have a IMS admin role, or a RBAC role like Project Manager that allows users to create projects they cannot create them. With that said, if a user is invited to a project that uses ProjectWise Deliverables Management a project is created by them through the invite process.

    Outside of that you need to be an account admin or co-admin to enable services.


    Tamicca Sellars
    Support Engineer