Connection Client / license server woes

This past weekend (Nov 16) I noticed that my home computer had issues when the Connection Client tried to log in.  I assumed that the server was having issues and did not think much of it.

The people at work (because we have deadlines and are trying to get things done quickly) informed me that 1) they got messages asking them to log in, 2) they got messages saying that they were working off line, 3) Once they said, "ok", they continued getting messages every couple of minutes.  4) They also got Microsoft Windows messages that programs (Connection Client) were not working properly,  5) They got random delays--plotting multiple sheets, some would plot fine, some would take forever. 

They were running Connection Client  I am running Connection Client  I had not upgraded the other people because does NOT give a warning that you are working off line.  (To reproduce, log into the Connection Client, disconnect your network cable / disable wifi, and start Microstation.  No message comes up.)  I reported this error in three months ago and it is still not fixed.

The Connection Client / Licensing tool has very limited functions for the users--Log into their personal account, provide licensing access, and give warnings when off line or for a potential overage.  To test these primary features, it should be a relatively simple procedure.  If so, why does it not work?  Why are there so many regressions?  Which version should I be using?  How much testing do I need to do before upgrading versions?

And just to remind Bentley, I've been told by Bentley that this software will give me warnings.  If I have an overage without the warning, then that is going to be on Bentley--we will not be paying Bentley for Bentley's bugs, excuse me, defects, in their (by definition) defective software.