Proper use of the Connection Client

I am a system admin and I don't use Bentley software but I have been asked to ensure all our Bentley users have a Connection Client account so we can start using the client company wide. I am looking for suggestions on the best way for us to implement and use the client. I understand it is cloud based application that helps with collaboration and file sharing. I see that files such as PDFs can be uploaded. Can project files be shared online so multiple users can access and modify the file. We will often have very large project files. 

I have also heard we can save money on Bentley licensing if our whole company uses the client. Can someone explain how this works?

  • Hi,

    There is a lot of material in the Wiki section but the basic summary is this:

    Bentley is moving away from using activation keys for product activation.  We have been transitioning to the user sign-in model for activation.  The CONNECTION Client is required for that process to work, as it is the application that connects everything together (your machine, the software, and the data transmission to Bentley).  Once users are registered and have the CONNECTION Client installed, they will be able to activate their applications as well as use the online tools (which does include file sharing) at