• Break element with Item Type data so that all resulting elements retain Item Type data.

    In MSCE 17 & ORD 10.11 (but not OBM)  there is a new user preference setting that allows the user to break/trim an element that has Item Type data applied so that the resulting element(s) also retain the same Item Type data.

    The user preference is under "Operation" and the "Enable Item type Propagation" checkbox needs to be enable.

  • Alignment station & offset information not showing in reports when the alignment is in a reference

    FDOT CADD has noticed a change in behavior between ORD 10.10 & 10.11 when alignments are located in a reference file for reporting purposes.

    In the Quantity & Light Pole Manager reports you may not see the station & offset information reported correctly when alignments are located in a reference file.

    We are investigating the issue with Bentley but do have a workaround if you encounter this situation.

    2 things…

  • FDOTConnect10.10 Template Design Training Dataset

    Here is the updated FDOTConnect10.10 Template Design Training Dataset

  • FDOTSS4 MR11 - TOPORD Level Filter Fix

    To fix the recently discovered TOPORD Level Filter problem, unzip the ZIP file below and.

    Replace these two files in the FDOT folder 


     If you are using a client/server install you may need to get your admin’s assistance with this. You will also need to rerun the Attach Survey Reference tool. Sorry for the inconvenience.

  • MVBA Error PowerGeopak SS10

    When trying to run a MVBA in PowerGeopak SS10 I get an error message

    "VBA interface error: unable to run macro - 0x80040552" 

  • New to MicroStation Connect RegestryRead

    For many years FDOT has set System Variables to define paths for MictoStation Variables. This seems to be no linger necessary when using OpenRoads Connect Edition. Using the registry to set MicroStation Configuration Variables has been made simple, I would like to define the variable _USTN_ORGANIZATION as the installed location on the FDOT Server software location. The first thing to do is look in the workstation registry…

  • Join ECSO for a Webinar: "Temporary Traffic Control Plan Resource Changes"

    Temporary Traffic Control Plan Resource Changes

    Join us for a webinar on Aug 19, 2015 at 9:00 AM EDT.

    Register now!


    Instructor: Denise Broom, ECSO CADD Support Specialist

    FDOTSS4 brought changes to the levels and cells used for Temporary Traffic Control Plans. Join ECSO to take a look at these updates along with a tour of the FDOT Traffic Control Menu…

  • Join ECSO for our Weekly Webinar: "FDOTSS4 Linked Data Manager (LDM) Enhancements!"

    FDOTSS4 Linked Data Manager (LDM) Enhancements!

    Join us for a webinar on Aug 12, 2015 at 9:00 AM EDT.

    Register now!


    Instructor: Denise Broom, ECSO CADD Support Specialist

    Some long awaited enhancements in Linked Data Manager (LDM) are coming in the FDOTSS4 release! Come join us in learning all about them, along with the latest changes and additions to the…

  • WARNING – Microsoft Security Bulletin MS12-060 (update to MS12-027) disables VBA Scripts (released 08-14-2012)

    Users are getting this error.

    VBA interface error: unable to run macro - 0x80040552

    Please see Jeff Ashley's article at


    and follow the link that applies to your workstation specifications. I would recommend using the Fix It For Me selection.

  • Special Characters in the GEOPAK Labelers

    Several people have been asking, "How do I get the centerline symbol (or baseline, etc.) to plot using the GEOPAK Labeler in FDOT2010?"  With the introduction of the FDOT true type fonts, this is a bit trickier.  The old fonts used characters in the font to represent the commonly used symbols.  These are not the same with the true type fonts.

    Listed below is a chart of the commonly used symbols supported.


  • Automated Curb Quantity Deduction Using D&C Manager

    The curb and gutter compute items in the Design & Computation Manager, D&C, have been set up to deduct from the total length of curb when inlets are encountered.  It does this by searching for the origin point of the cell within a set distance from the face of curb line.  By default this distance is set to 0.5’.  The origin point of the inlet cells is located on the edge of pavement (EOP). The distance between…

  • MR2 Urban Ditch Criteria Enhancements

    The urban ditch criteria has been updated to include the ability to control the ditch through a profile.  This profile is tagged on to the back of sidewalk (BSW) line using the added adhoc, UD Profile.  The cross section point controlled by the profile is the inside bottom of the ditch.  It is important to note that this profile needs to be stationed to match the stationing of the baseline.


    As part of the modifications…

  • Are your cross sections printing slow in Print Organizer?

    Have you noticed a dramatic increase in the amount of time it takes to print some plan sets using Print Organizer in V8i? If so we have discovered the cause and can offer a possible resolution this issue.


    The reason you see this slow down is caused by a combination of the following:

    • ·         Many cross sections in one file
    • ·         Many references
    • ·         A large number of levels in the workspace
    • ·        
  • Problems Creating Project.PDF in Electronic Delivery Indexer (EDI2)

    Problems Creating a Project PDF

    Question: I’m trying to create my Project.PDF in Electronic Delivery Indexer (EDI2), and it successfully creates the Project.PS, but gives me an error and doesn’t create the Project.PDF.  The error says “Error opening file/folder. File/folder doesn’t exist.” What do I do?

    Answer:  This issue is caused by multiple versions of GhostScript existing on the…