Are your cross sections printing slow in Print Organizer?

Have you noticed a dramatic increase in the amount of time it takes to print some plan sets using Print Organizer in V8i? If so we have discovered the cause and can offer a possible resolution this issue.


The reason you see this slow down is caused by a combination of the following:

  • ·         Many cross sections in one file
  • ·         Many references
  • ·         A large number of levels in the workspace
  • ·         Pen table usage of levels


To explain this I will use the example of having a cross section file that has 100 sheets in it. You can usually fit about 4 sections per sheet (on average). This means you have about 400 references in the file. When a normal table is applied it applies all of the levels defined in the workspace to each reference before generating a print of each sheet. This drastically slow down the process and it could take hours to print your cross section sheets. This example of 100 sheets would take more than 2 hours.


To get around this issue we have developed a pen table (XS.tbl) that has been optimized for use with FDOT cross sections. The areas in the pen table requiring access to the level libraries have been removed leaving only the text substitutions that fill in the date, time, path, and user along the bottom of the sheet border. This pen table will allow you to print a large cross section file in minutes instead of hours.


You can download the pen table at:

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