Automated Curb Quantity Deduction Using D&C Manager

The curb and gutter compute items in the Design & Computation Manager, D&C, have been set up to deduct from the total length of curb when inlets are encountered.  It does this by searching for the origin point of the cell within a set distance from the face of curb line.  By default this distance is set to 0.5’.  The origin point of the inlet cells is located on the edge of pavement (EOP). The distance between these two lines is 1.5’.  Since the origin is located outside the tolerance distance, the D&C Manager does not find these cells and does not deduct the correct quantity from the curb and gutter quantities.


So, how can this be fixed?

Under the Settings Menu, open the Design Settings dialog.


Modify the Deduction Tolerance to 2.0 (greater than 1.5).  Close the Design Settings dialog.

Recalculate the curb quantity.