Problems Creating a Project PDF

Question: I’m trying to create my Project.PDF in Electronic Delivery Indexer (EDI2), and it successfully creates the Project.PS, but gives me an error and doesn’t create the Project.PDF.  The error says “Error opening file/folder. File/folder doesn’t exist.” What do I do?

Answer:  This issue is caused by multiple versions of GhostScript existing on the server in the
\fdot2010\APPS\UTL\GS directory.

To resolve the issue follow these steps:
1. Download:
2. Delete the GS folder and all of its contents in the \fdot2010\APPS\UTL directory on the server.
3. Extract the file that was downloaded into the \fdot2010\APPS\UTL directory on the server.
4. Restart EDI and create your Project.PDF.

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