Special Characters in the GEOPAK Labelers

Several people have been asking, "How do I get the centerline symbol (or baseline, etc.) to plot using the GEOPAK Labeler in FDOT2010?"  With the introduction of the FDOT true type fonts, this is a bit trickier.  The old fonts used characters in the font to represent the commonly used symbols.  These are not the same with the true type fonts.

Listed below is a chart of the commonly used symbols supported.

Character Symbol Key-in List


When using the FDOT True Type Fonts with the GEOPAK Labelers, the key strokes for the commonly used symbols have changed.  They consist of a back slash followed by the character number assigned to that symbol within the font, i.e. \161 for the centerline symbol.  Please see the example below for the required method to using the special symbols in the GEOPAK Labelers.