I am trying to get everything straight on the new Revision process. I have a project that is a strung project with 3 FPID numbers and multiple components per FPID.

I have been referring to the following: PPM1: Ch 20, PPM2: Ch 3, and the CADD Manual Section 5.12

So when I do a Revision, I need to list all revisions on the Lead Project Keysheet, which is pretty clear. What if I am running out of space to list all the Revisions? Do I just remove the oldest revision in order to show the newest?

Do I also show the revisions to each particular component on that respective keysheet? I believe this is how we usually do it.

Then to go along with that, since I have updated those keysheets, I would also need to create a new Signature sheet and show the EOR signing the keysheet and signature sheet, correct? The revisions being done on this part are for Lighting and Signals only, so there is no Roadway revisions except for the Lead Keysheet.

If there is a revision to the Lighting component on the non-Lead project, do I still need to list that revision on the non-Lead Roadway Keysheet?

I think that is all the questions that I have.


  • Good Questions. I'll answer as many as I can & get confirmation from the criteria section on those that I am not 100% sure of.

    Running out of space? Don't remove the old information. It is part of the contract records. You may need to get creative if you've got that many revisions. You can move some of the other items on the Key Sheet such as the Governing Standards or Key Sheet Revisions box up or over to make more room. You may also opt to not use the cell we provide with the data fields. That way you can use a smaller font, use more characters per line, and tighten up the line spacing.

    Show revisions to respective component Key Sheet? Yes.

    Signature Sheet? These would only be required if more than one engineer needed to sign the pdf. If there is only one, then they can sign the Key Sheet. For each component that needs to be revised, the pdf would include the Key Sheet, signature sheet only when there is more than one engineer signing, and the revised sheets. Even if originally the component was signed by more than one engineer, the revision may not necessarily need to be resigned by everyone; just the ones responsible for the revised sheets.

    Revision to component on non-lead project, does the revision need to be recorded on the non-lead Roadway Key Sheet? For this one, I'm going to say no. The direction given is pretty clear that they are to be recorded on the lead Key Sheet. I will verify this one and get back to you.

  • To add to Denise's reply, if your key sheet is running out of space create a second Keysrd02.dgn and place a standard fdot border sheet. Add just revisions to this sheet, kind of like a second signature sheet. We have done this on multiple projects.
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