SURVRD Error/Warning Triangles throughout project after merging

My question concerns some odd behavior I'm seeing after merging a SURVRD file from a field surveyor into our project (or blank file for that matter). After performing the merge the project will be littered with error/warning triangles alerting me to features not being found. This is confirmed when I look in the project explorer under the field book because I see the same errors and odd feature names there. What's strange is that these errors do not exist in the original file prior to merging - they only occur after the merge. I've included a few pictures below and if needed I can supply the original dgn in question.

Example of error/warning triangles:

Example of project explorer listing showing erroneous feature names:

Example of project explorer showing original listing prior to merge that does not contain these erroneous feature names:

Thanks in advance, any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!