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I just updated to FDOTSS10 from FDOTSS4. I ran the QC Checker tool on a file that was 100% compliant in FDOTSS4, but now is 0% compliant in FDOTSS10. It seems to actually be happening in every single file.

It appears that levels which should be allowed are seen as non-compliant by the checker. When trying the "Fix Level" option, the drop down is empty. Is there a known error in MR2 for FDOTSS10, or is there likely something wrong with my setup?

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  • I too have had this problem. I ended up just going back to FDOTSS4, MR9 or 10 to do my QC reports and submit the project.

    I believe the story is the updated the QC reporter in FDOTSS4 MR12, and also every version of FDOTSS10. It searches for things inside of cells now, which was the issue I was having on my XS sheets. The issue you are having seems strange as that level should be fine in a dsgnrd...

    This happened to me on an older project that we had to resubmit and instead of fixing everything, which could have taken a while, i just reverted back to FDOT SS4 MR10 and ran my reports with no problem.

    There is definitely some work that needs to be done on these QC rules.

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  • We have discovered a bug in the FDOTSS10 MR2 QC tool that returns 0% compliancy for all files. We will have a fix later this morning or early this afternoon.

    Matt Sexton
    CADD Applications Support Coordinator
    Florida Department of Transportation
    Engineering/CADD Systems Office

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