PEDDS "Scope of Work" field cut off in Signature Document

An FDOT user reports:

"I noticed that the Signatory Document in the new PEDDs (v3.6.10.4) cut out the Scope of Work. When we print the Signatory Document we are required to have a very detailed scope of work. In the old PEDDs (v3.2.4.0), this was not a problem."

  • Developer replies:

    "The issue is mainly with the Signatory Document and what they are putting in the Scope of Work field as per their interpretation of what information is needed. Most notably is the that we have reduced the amount of space  allowed for the Scope of Work to a single line, as opposed to 4 lines in the Signatory Report, to prevent the document from flowing over into a second page. It turns out they have been instructed to add the additional information their supervisor deems as required into the Scope of Work field which is now being cut off in the Signature Document.

    "Seems like a valid issue but I’m more interest in what and why they are putting that information in the Scope of Work to begin with? Maybe we need to add some addition information on the Signature Document and/or review the requirements. Let’s get together to analyze this and see what we can determine. [consultant] is going to send me some additional information. Maybe a quick fix on the Signature Document Scope of Work field size will do the trick, and then we can review or make any needed changes in the upcoming PEDDS 4.0 Application Suite."

    Matt Sexton
    CADD Applications Support Coordinator
    Florida Department of Transportation
    Engineering/CADD Systems Office

    Answer Verified By: Jimmie Prow